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The continent of superlatives, Antarctica is not only the world’s southernmost destination, it is also the world’s highest, driest, windiest, and coldest place to be explored. Regardless here we enjoy watching Adelie Penguins and birds like Giant Petrels, Skua’s and Blue Eye Shags. Humpback whales often feed around the southern end of Livingstone Island and Elephant seals will be lazing on the beach. Antarctica is about 5.5 million square miles (14.2 million square km) in size. The continent is divided into East Antarctica (which is largely composed of a high ice-covered plateau) and West Around the Antarctic coast, shelves, glaciers, and ice sheets continually “calve,” or discharge, icebergs into the seas. The Great White Continent represents 90 % of the world’s Ice and 80 % of its fresh water.